It gets worse

Right now there is no Prime Minister, the opposition are trying to oust their leader, and the EU won’t talk to us until we formally agree to leave.
Never mind the £ and FT100 being in freefall.
The #BREXIT voters may be slowly realising that they are not going to get what they were promised:
£350 million a week for healthcare, close the borders, no more EU rules and laws, BUT keep access to the single market.
I have resisted this so far but I have to say it:
I voted #REMAIN, and I told you all it was the best plan, because #BREXIT had no plan at all.

And we are out

Oh my goodness.
F*ck*ng H*ll.

The UK voted out, not what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be close, 51% remain, 49% leave.
I am very upset, I think it’s a bad decision.
I hope the financial markets recover over the next few days and weeks. I have a pension fund that has just taken a hammering and retirement is not far away.
Have we swapped David for Boris? That’s bad, very bad.
In other news: Can I stop putting that damn fool EU Cookie opt in nonsense on all my web sites?


Vote Stay, I think it is the sensible option.

I am concerned that I have not had any validated information to help me decide. It’s all ideas and speculation with no solid facts that stack up to scrutiny. All very disappointing.

On the plus side I love elections and referendums and  I will be up all night watching the results and playing with my swingometer.