Brexit means Brexit


At the Autumn Statement on Wednesday, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond conceded that Brexit will blow a £59 billion black hole in public finances.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) announced that there would be a cumulative £122 billion of extra borrowing over the next five years, £59 billion of which will occur as a direct result of the vote to leave the EU.

So Brexit people, tell me again why this is a good idea?

New Laptop

I succumbed to the ‘Black Friday’ ripoff deals and headed out to PC World to blag a bargain.
I think I did quite well, they had a Lenvovo Idea Pad 510, ex display for £280, reduced from £499.
It was mint, not a mark. (a bit of dust and a few fingerprints)
I did briefly flirt with the supplied OS, Windows 10 Home, but barely had it staggered into life it was demanding to do updates.
Quick trip to town then home with a SandisK SSD 120 Gb, a few moments with a no1 phillips and Brave New World – Ubuntu 16.04!
Very impressed with Ubuntu on the Lenovo, it found all the hardware so no driver issues at all and a 1080P screen makes this a very useable Laptop.
And, are you listening Apple? It has two USB3 ports plus ethernet, HDMI and a VGA, an SD slot and a DVD drive!
Full keyboard with a number pad. 15.6″ screen. It is a bit chunky compared to some but I am tickled pink.


I can’t help but giggle, trump is a slang word used by children, it means fart.

But WTF America, you just elected Donald Fart as your president.
I mean WTF?

Once again I am stunned that a nation can take such a dreadful decision.

On the Brink

US elections and Brexit.
Neither candidate inspires me, both scare me in different ways.
If Trump prevails we are all doomed.
The Brexit people are Hell bent on leaving the EU and hang the consequences. I can’t have a sensible conversation with them about terms and conditions of exit and important issues like single market access and movement of workers and residents. They just shout about winning a referendum and demand Article 50 is implemented immediately. How about having a debate and formulating a plan first? You did not come to the referendum with a plan and I would quite like one.
My strategy for Hard Brexit is to go to the USA, unless Trump then New Zealand.