Places I won’t go

Here is the list of places I won’t go on grounds of safety:

Africa, all of it. (Somewhat extreme.)
The Middle East. (I have visited Saudi Arabia and I am never going back. NEVER!)
South America and Central America. (Probably ‘mostly harmless’ would need careful consideration.)
USA (Trump needs to go and the country needs to enter a period of long stability.)
The Indian sub continent. (Pakistan is not safe and India too crowded plus I don’t like the food.)


Dear USA

From the moment I saw Trump on the campaign trail I thought “This man is not the right stuff.”
“The right stuff” is difficult to specify, you know it when you see it, and you know it when it is lacking.
It is very lacking in Trump.
But I had no idea how incompetent a leader he would turn out to be. He is clueless.
Clueless does not even begin to describe him. He scares me. The USA is no longer a safe country. I just added it to my long list of places I refuse to visit on grounds of safety.



If a web page can’t be found then the interwebs puts up an error message, for a lost page that is a 404 error.
Most blogs, including this one, have a dedicated 404 error page that imparts some useful information rather than just going ERROR!
Geeks with a sense of humor, so that’s all three of us, subvert the 404 page to be funny, silly or clever.
If you want to know more about error messages, and it’s fascinating, then look at this link:
If you want really cool and creative error pages then you need this link:
If you want my 404 error page then you want this link: 404.php


2016 – What a year that was.
Death – there appeared to be more celebrities and people of note meeting the Grim Reaper in the last 12 months that in previous years, so I wondered if there was an easy way of checking the statistics.

The BBC beat me to this task, they checked the number of obituaries that had been published in 2016 compared to previous years.
It is not just my perception, there were many more obituaries published in 2016 than previous years.

BBC article that I shamelessly plagiarized.