Apple FAIL!

I am a HUGE fan of Apple computers, I love the OS, the aluminium unibody, the track pad. My 2009 MacBook Pro is getting a little long in the tooth and may need replacing soon.
Probably sooner rather than later as I absolutely do not want any of these nasty new products that Apple just launched. I think a refurb item from the Apple Store may be the way to go.

So what don’t I like?

Apple have ditched the MagSafe charging port. Of all the ideas Apple have had over the years this was genius. On the very first day of MacBook Pro ownership that port saved my Mac from taking a flying leap onto the floor. There is no way I would entertain spending a couple of thousand quid on laptop that has not got such a port.

USB-C: Come ON Apple, every device I own connects with, well, not a USB C, so now I have to buy dongles that I can lose? At least put one USB2 port on the laptop.

I am not alone, I have seen lots of comments along similar lines.
Wake up Apple, or we might just go get a Surface Pro!