On the Brink

US elections and Brexit.
Neither candidate inspires me, both scare me in different ways.
If Trump prevails we are all doomed.
The Brexit people are Hell bent on leaving the EU and hang the consequences. I can’t have a sensible conversation with them about terms and conditions of exit and important issues like single market access and movement of workers and residents. They just shout about winning a referendum and demand Article 50 is implemented immediately. How about having a debate and formulating a plan first? You did not come to the referendum with a plan and I would quite like one.
My strategy for Hard Brexit is to go to the USA, unless Trump then New Zealand.

Apple FAIL!

I am a HUGE fan of Apple computers, I love the OS, the aluminium unibody, the track pad. My 2009 MacBook Pro is getting a little long in the tooth and may need replacing soon.
Probably sooner rather than later as I absolutely do not want any of these nasty new products that Apple just launched. I think a refurb item from the Apple Store may be the way to go.

So what don’t I like?

Apple have ditched the MagSafe charging port. Of all the ideas Apple have had over the years this was genius. On the very first day of MacBook Pro ownership that port saved my Mac from taking a flying leap onto the floor. There is no way I would entertain spending a couple of thousand quid on laptop that has not got such a port.

USB-C: Come ON Apple, every device I own connects with, well, not a USB C, so now I have to buy dongles that I can lose? At least put one USB2 port on the laptop.

I am not alone, I have seen lots of comments along similar lines.
Wake up Apple, or we might just go get a Surface Pro!

Internet of Things

It looks like the internet of things just bit us on the bum with a serious denial of service attack on 16 October 2016.

Should we be worried? YES!

The problem is that most of us have a 20th century mindset when it comes to our things. Want to record TV? You probably have PVR, but you think of it in the same way you did your old VHS machine. But your PVR is probably connected to the internet. So it can be hacked. This is the problem, much of the internet of things is not hack proof, nor can much of it be made hack proof. Some devices have passwords hard coded into the device and they can not be changed.

Expect to see more of this in the future. Meanwhile check your gadgets, it could be that your new smart refrigerator is doing stuff apart from keeping your food cold.

Mr President…

Or maybe Mrs President.
USA I have a suggestion: You have picked two candidates to contest the election to the highest office ON THE PLANET. I suggest you start over and choose different candidates, as the two you have are both fatally flawed.

21st Century TV and Broadband in Hertfordshire

So you are sat in your living room watching Chris Froome ride a bicycle along the streets of Rio in Brazil.
Just think about that for a moment, live, high definition TV from the back of a motorcycle, on the other side of the planet.
So how come BT I can only get 2 meg broadband (narrowband as I prefer to call it) when I live 17 miles from central London?

Hinkley Point

How about if we took the £18 billion and used that money to put solar panels and battery storage in our home and businesses?
Distributed power, off the grid?


Good grief, Bonkers Boris is at the Foreign Office.
May has not so much had a reshuffle more a cull of the dead wood and start from scratch.
It will probably be OK but Boris, what was she thinking?
I guess every government needs it’s court jester.

It gets worse

Right now there is no Prime Minister, the opposition are trying to oust their leader, and the EU won’t talk to us until we formally agree to leave.
Never mind the £ and FT100 being in freefall.
The #BREXIT voters may be slowly realising that they are not going to get what they were promised:
£350 million a week for healthcare, close the borders, no more EU rules and laws, BUT keep access to the single market.
I have resisted this so far but I have to say it:
I voted #REMAIN, and I told you all it was the best plan, because #BREXIT had no plan at all.

And we are out

Oh my goodness.
F*ck*ng H*ll.

The UK voted out, not what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be close, 51% remain, 49% leave.
I am very upset, I think it’s a bad decision.
I hope the financial markets recover over the next few days and weeks. I have a pension fund that has just taken a hammering and retirement is not far away.
Have we swapped David for Boris? That’s bad, very bad.
In other news: Can I stop putting that damn fool EU Cookie opt in nonsense on all my web sites?


Vote Stay, I think it is the sensible option.

I am concerned that I have not had any validated information to help me decide. It’s all ideas and speculation with no solid facts that stack up to scrutiny. All very disappointing.

On the plus side I love elections and referendums and  I will be up all night watching the results and playing with my swingometer.